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Our Values

We know that selecting the right care and learning center for your child is a big decision. And, we understand that you want to be certain you have made the best choice for your child.

We can assure you that we’ll care for your child, as you do, at Our Children’s Center.

Founded by Local Parents

Back in 1979, a study was conducted by the Town of West Hartford documenting the growing necessity for preschool daycare; the needs of these parents were not merely statistical, but personal. It sparked conversation within a group of parents who met on the Morley Elementary School playground during the summer of 1980.

In pursuit of a high quality and affordable daycare for their children, more than a dozen concerned individuals began laying the groundwork to create a center that would fulfill their dreams. By February of 1981, Our Children’s Center opened its doors to the public.

Open, Diverse Environment

Our Children’s Center operates as a not-for-profit, parent-run daycare center in which children are admitted without regard to race, religious affiliation, family component or place of residency. While the daycare center maintains residence in the educational wing of The First Baptist Church, it has no affiliation with that or any other religious organization.

Why Attend a Not-For-Profit?

When considering the options for child care, you may be inclined to look at a facility’s track record, amenities, cost of tuition and the hours of availability. However, you may also want to consider whether the organization is “for-profit” or “non-profit”. Employee Benefits, Programs, Parent-Involvement, Age of Caregiver… money goes back into the school. Non-profit means that we are eligible for charitable contributions from corporations and individuals. Plus, our status means that we have proven that the OCC’s programs benefit the broader community.

Our Vision

We are an early childhood education program, meaning that we…

Emphasize warm, loving caregivers who create a comfortable, family type atmosphere; make keeping our children safe and happy a priority; understand that learning takes many forms for young children and academics are only one type.

We are a community and strive to create a family atmosphere, meaning that we…

Believe that raising our children well is the most important job we have in this life; believe in supporting the center through time, energy and donations; welcome new families into our community; cherish our staff as valuable professional resources and strive to integrate them fully into our community; host OCC events that allow families and staff and children to get connected; encourage the relationships among older / younger children; stay small so that we remain connected.

We provide a diverse and non-biased environment, meaning that we…

Expose our children to a wide variety of people and experiences and teach them that all of them are valuable; welcome all families that are interested in our center regardless of background or family characteristics as long as we can meet the child’s needs.