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Ten Facts About OCC

Here’s Why Our Families Love OCC!

1. Our Child-to-Teacher Ratios

One of the most important aspects of your child’s day is how much individual care he or she is receiving. From infants to Pre-K, each child at OCC is in a classroom that is staffed with teachers that are experienced and very loving. We don’t staff to simply meet state requirements, nor are we interested in making a profit (see Reason #4). We staff to meet the needs of each child.

OCC’s Staffing Ratios

OCC Infant Ratio: 3-4 Infants to 1 Teacher
OCC Toddler Ratio: 3-4 Toddlers to 1 Teacher
OCC Pre-K: 7 Preschoolers to 1 Teacher

State Requirements:

Connecticut’s Department of Public Health’s Regulations state children from six weeks to thirty-six months of age are considered infants and toddlers, and require a staffing ratio of 4 children to 1 teacher. For preschool, it is required to have a ratio of 10 children to 1 teacher.

2. We Have A Connected Relationship with Families

Our warm, loving caregivers ensure that your child is spending their days in a comfortable, family-oriented atmosphere. The small nature of center and closeness of the staff means that every classroom receives visits from other classrooms’ teachers, which helps our children in several ways; they remain bonded to previous teachers, as well as transition easily to their next room. OCC has an open door policy and invites parents to visit any time and partake in activities, such as reading to their child. The importance of family, in any form, gives the center a strong sense of community for everyone who is associated, especially the teachers and Director.

3. We Have Low Teacher Turnover

We cherish our staff as valuable professional resources and strive to integrate them fully into our community. Several of our teachers have worked for OCC for more than a decade! Our teachers will be the first to tell you that these children are like their own family. They go above and beyond every day to take care of the children in every way.

4. We Are A Non-Profit, Board-Run Daycare

We believe that raising our children well is the most important job we have in this life. When considering the options for childcare, you may be inclined to look at amenities, cost of tuition and the hours of availability. However, you may also want to consider whether the organization is “for-profit” or “non-profit”. The differences will be found in employee benefits, the goal of the programs, parent-involvement, and the age of the staff. Essentially, being a Non-Profit is a guarantee that every penny goes back into the school. Non-profit means that we are eligible for charitable contributions from corporations and individuals. Plus, our non-profit status means that we have proven that the OCC’s programs benefit the broader community.

5. We Have 2 Playgrounds & The BIG Room!!

Our Children’s Center has 2 playgrounds; 1 for children 2 and under, and the other is for 2.5+ year olds. Both playgrounds offer a secure space for fun and large gross motor development, along with adventure and exploration. The playgrounds feature an organic garden in which the children are the official gardeners and help plant, water and maintain during the summer months. However, OCC also has a unique room that serves many purposes for the children and families. It is a room in which children can truly stretch out and have fun. It is essential for those cold days, as well as for all of the events that families participate in. See #10 below and visit our Events page >

6. Health & Safety Come First At OCC

OCC continuously strives to meet and exceed the State’s Rules and Regulations for Daycare centers and prides itself in being a safe daycare center for children and teachers. Keeping our children safe and happy is a priority; we work with each parent to understand what your child needs, especially as they accomplish big milestones such as eating solids, walking, potty-training, and developing motor-skills. We pride ourselves in providing feedback every day in order to keep you aware of your child’s appetite, mood, health, and development. We provide healthy snacks in the morning and afternoon, including special snacks for children with allergies and food sensitivities. We encourage new parents to speak to our director about all of the ways in which OCC exceeds health and safety codes. Read more about Eating Healthy At OCC >

7. We Have A Passionate, Experienced Director

Jessica Jones has a wide range of experience managing a non-profit. She stays updated on the changes that occur in the education field and applies her knowledge in a professional manner. She is helpful, thoughtful, reliable and dependable. She has two wonderful young girls who share their mother’s love of learning. One can often see Jessica with her daughters exploring nature, reading a good book or just enjoying quality time together. We encourage you to schedule a tour to meet with her!

8. OCC Is A Diverse, Non-Biased Environment

It is the vision of OCC to expose our children to a wide variety of people and experiences, and teach them that all of them are valuable. We welcome all families that are interested in our center regardless of background or family characteristics, as long as we can meet the child’s needs. OCC encourages children to develop a positive self-image. When children feel good about themselves, they are free to learn and grow.

9. We Are Constantly Communicating

Our Children’s Center provides daily communication with families and seeks to understand your unique needs. The staff and the Board of Directors regularly reach out to parents to provide updates. It is important to the center that teachers communicate with Jessica about any and all developments or concerns in order for us to build a close relationship with each family. Emails are sent out to families for many reasons especially updates about events, fundraisers and donations when they are needed. The small nature of the center enables the staff to communicate concerns quickly and efficiently, helping parents stay in control of their child’s day.

10. We Offer Great Family Events!

Several times throughout the year, activities and annual events are held in the daycare center allowing families a chance to meet and greet new families and enjoy a night together. Holiday parties, children performances, art shows, book fairs, fundraisers, parent date night, mother’s day breakfast and father’s day barbecue are some of the activities OCC holds for the families that attend the center. These activities would not be possible with the Big Room… an amazing room that also doubles as a perfect space for our children to free play on chilly days. Visit our Events page! >