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Nurturing and Creative West Hartford Daycare Programs

Our Children’s Center (OCC) is committed to providing high-quality, creative early childhood programs that enhance the development of infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Our children are in a safe, enriched, child-centered environment that provides them with the opportunity to explore, create and grow under the supervision of a highly qualified, experienced and nurturing staff.

When children feel good about themselves, they are free to learn and grow. The OCC especially dedicated to encouraging children to develop a positive self-image, customizing our approach based on each child’s unique personality and temperament.

Infant 1

How is Our Infant Daycare Program Different?

Unique 2-to-1 Ratio for Infants
Our infant program is committed to providing a safe and loving environment unique for babies under the age of one. Most importantly, we employ a larger staff for our infant room, allowing us to offer a very unique ratio of 2 infants-to-1 teacher, something you will not find in other daycares. You’ll find the room is a large, nurturing, bright and functional classroom. Schedule a tour to visit our infant room and meet the staff!

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Infant 2

The Perfect Transition from Infant to Toddler!

What happens in Infant 2?!
The Infant 2 room was created specifically to help Infants become Toddlers. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it sure happens fast! At OCC, we have cared for enough infants to recognize when their growth and curiosity reaches new heights quickly, but they may not be ready to run towards every adventure quite yet! And, we want to ensure that the children in the infant room are safely out of the way of weary first steps and adventurous crawlers. When infant starts showing off their new skills, such as pulling themselves up on chairs or crawling over objects, it’s time to support this type of activity with a special, safe environment with dedicated staff who are aware of this magical transition.

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Toddler 1, 2 & 3

Uncluttered Environments for Growth

Toddlers Need Space to Play
When the world is scaled larger than you are, it’s nice to have a special place your own size. That’s what OCC offers our toddlers whom are starting to walk, through the age of 3 years old. Our Toddler 1 and Toddler 2 classrooms are well-planned; offering open traffic patterns which facilitate natural movement of the caregiver from one child to another child.

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Preschool Daycare Programs – Expanded to 2 New Rooms!

Social, Emotional and Cognitive Development

Exposing Children to Learning and Adventure
Our Preschool program focuses on the development of social, emotional, physical and cognitive abilities. All activities are open-ended, allowing children to participate at their own level and enjoy a sense of accomplishment. Features of our Pre-K program include our Discovery Zones within the classrooms, access to the “Big Room,” where we help our kids develop their imagination, as well as outdoor areas that give them a chance to get physical!

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